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Brown Rice Power


Our brown rice is safe and reliable. It is produced without animal compost, using instead compost comprised of ripe plants and natural minerals in both seedling growth and foliar application. Brown rice power is a mixture of rice bran and rice germ that is produced during the milling process, which is then heat-treated at 180 degrees Celsius and ground into a powder. The brown rice is fragrant, sweet, chewy, and delicious even when cold, low in calories, nutritious, and rich in B vitamins, inosinic acid, and phytic acid, which help restore the immune system. Rice bran is high in vitamin E, which helps maintain cell health. Rice germ contains y-oryzanol, which prevents spots and fine wrinkles and stabilizes blood pressure. Brown rice power comes in powder form, allowing it to be easily absorbed into the body to improve your diet during fasting, strengthen the immune system, and regulate the intestinal biome. It can be mixed into both food and drinks.


We have been growing rice in Niigata, one of Japan's leading rice-growing regions, with a mission to make delicious, safe, and secure brown rice available to as many people as possible and assist in people’s health and happiness. We use homemade plant-based fertilizers that contain no pesticides for our soil, and use care in our mineral usage in our farming.

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Joint Farm
Hideshi Ono