Yuasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.

Yuasa Soy Sauce -
Ki‐ippon Black Beans


Yuasa in Arida District, Wakayama Prefecture, is known as the origin of soy sauce. “Yuasa Soy Sauce - Ki‐ippon Black Beans” is a dark soy sauce made by Yuasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd., which was established here in 2002. Through its encounter with “Qimin Yaoshu”, the oldest cookbook in the world that currently exists, it combined a manufacturing method from 1500 years ago with the traditional method of making Yuasa soy sauce to give birth to this soy sauce. Ki‐ippon means that nothing has been mixed with it. It is prepared in the intensely cold winter and allowed to ferment thoroughly for about two years in a natural cedar barrel to become a dense soy sauce with a rich fragrance and deep flavor. Even though it is simply taken from the cedar barrel and nothing has been added to it, the natural umami and sweetness of black beans give it a mellow and deep flavor. It is a soy sauce with a color resembling wine and a fragrance and umami that fills the mouth immediately. It is perfect for sauces in meat dishes, sashimi, boiled tofu, ohitashi, and so on. It is also delicious when eaten with grilled mochi.


Established in 2002 in “Yuasa” of Wakayama Prefecture, the origin of soy sauce. It focuses on locally produced raw ingredients and makes soy sauce using traditional methods that take a long time for fermentation. Its name is also known overseas and “Yuasa Soy Sauce – Ki‐ippon Black Beans” is loved even by chefs of famous restaurants in Europe.

Company Name
Yuasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.
Toshio Shinko