MALONY Co., Ltd.

MALONY-chan 100


MALONY starch noodles were originally developed by Maloney Co., Ltd. in 1963. While somewhat similar to Chinese vermicelli, the main ingredient of Maloney noodles is not mung bean starch, but potato starch. Thanks to the unique manufacturing processes used in Hokkaido to produce potato starch mixed with domestically produced cornstarch, Maloney noodles have a longer boiling time than Chinese vermicelli and a great taste. The dry variety is well loved for its smooth and hearty texture. A cross-section of the noodles reveals their ribbon shape and large surface area, along with air pockets in the noodles, meaning that for example if placed into a stewing pot (nabe), the noodles will drink in a large amount of the soup stock and taste great with any hotpot dish. They are also delicious stir-fried or friend, or even mixed into salad. 20-25g of dried Maloney noodles becomes approximately 100g when boiled, with a total energy value of 70-90kcal, a low calorie content when compared to other staple foods.


Ever since its founding in 1950, Maloney has challenged itself to develop ingredients under its corporate philosophy of contributing to healthier diets. In 1963, the Maloney noodle was conceived as “a rough noodle with a smooth surface and air pockets inside.” The company is currently a top seller of products such as dried and raw Maloney noodles.

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MALONY Co., Ltd.
Katsuaki Namba