Mushroom Hamburger Patty, 80g


This hamburger patty is made with a mushroom-based meat analogue. Accounting for more than half of its ingredients are four types of Japanese mushrooms: brown beech mushroom, king oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, and enoki mushroom. No animal-based ingredients are used. This product is recommended for vegetarians as it has been prepared using only plant-based ingredients without any additives. It has a low caloric content of only 90.4kcal per piece (80g). As it is mushroom-based, it is rich in dietary fiber. This product is also rich in ornithine, which is said to be effective for combating hangovers and improving sleep quality, as well as chitoglucan, which is believed to be effective for weight loss. To serve, simply add some oil to a frying pan and heat up the patty for around 5 minutes in the pan at a temperature of around 160℃ while flipping it occasionally to prevent it from burning.


BIO COSMO Co., Ltd. is a company that is engaged in the wholesale of mushrooms and operates a prepared food business. The company handles more than 25 varieties of mushrooms that are carefully selected from over 70 contracted farms across Japan. In addition to fresh mushrooms, it also supplies a variety of other items such as dried mushrooms and processed mushrooms. For its prepared food business, the company offers handmade prepared food products, especially Japanese deli and soups, with an emphasis on their superior taste. It also operates, an e-commerce website for the sale of commercial food ingredients, especially mushrooms.

Company Name
Biocosmo Co., Ltd.
Masato Nakabayashi