Bando Syokuhin



BAKASCO is a pepper sauce made from 100% Tokushima yuzu juice, persimmon vinegar, salt, yuzu peel, and chili peppers. The vibrant acidity of yuzu and the depth of flavor of persimmon vinegar create an addictive combination alongside the lingering tangy, spicy aftertaste. This sauce is made by Bando Farm in Kamikatsu, Katsuura, Tokushima Prefecture, a farm located on a south-facing slope at an altitude of 300m to 400m above sea level. The large temperature variation between morning and evening in this area allows the yuzu cultivated here to develop a more powerful aroma. From the organic cultivation of yuzu to the processing of the sauce, this product is made entirely in-house. Organic cultivation of the ingredients ensures that they retain their original flavors, giving rise to fruit juice that is well-balanced and a delicate flavor without any harshness. This pepper sauce crafted from ingredients of the highest quality is perfect for not only Italian cuisine but also Japanese dishes such as hot pot and sashimi.


Bando Syokuhin is a farm located in the mountains of Kamikatsu, Katsuura, Tokushima Prefecture. It began cultivating citrus fruits such as sudachi, yuzu, and yuko from around 1965, and obtained its certifications for organic cultivation and organic processed food products in 2003. It currently produces and sells sudachi juice, yuzu juice, yuko juice, ponzu, beverages, and bancha tea.

Company Name
Bando Syokuhin Co., Ltd.
Takahide Bando