Maruya Inc.

Maiko-han Hi Hi
Kyoto Chili Oil


This is a Chili Oil made with “crazy hot” ichimi, which is so spicy that just one sprinkle makes your taste buds awake. A sprinkle is so hot it make your eyes wide open. By adding garlic, the hidden flavor of chili peppers is boosted, resulting in a deep flavor. The jar is filled with ingredients that are crunchy to eat, so this Chili Oil is perfect for all kinds of meals, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. For example, you can mix it with sugar, soy sauce, sake, gochuchang, and sesame oil pouring it over steamed pork with all the stuffed ingredients or you can add spiciness and richness to your usual curry. If you add it to the sauce of dumplings, the “crazy hot” spiciness and garlic flavor will enhance the taste of dumplings even more. For those who love spicy food and garlic, it’s also recommended to put the crunchy ingredients directly on the dumplings. Please try new ways to use the sauce like using it as a base for pasta oil.


Maruya uses high-quality domestically produced chili peppers to manufacture Hontaka Chili Pepper, O-gon Chili Pepper, and Habanero Chili Pepper, manufacturing the products from processing to finish in the company factory. The company has a physical store in Kyoto, where products such as Ichimi and Shichimi pepper are sold. They are popular as souvenirs for tourists and also bought for daily use by locals.

Company Name
Maruya Inc.
Takuro Maruya