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Hinako's Brown Rice Series:
Brown Rice with Wild Rice


No cooking required. You can eat this brown rice mixed with wild rice warmed up or as it is. It is a sterilized processed food product that can be stored for a long time without additives, produced using a next-generation food manufacturing system. Three varieties of wild rice (red rice, black rice, and green rice) and germinated brown rice were added to the brown rice, which was cooked fluffily. Wild rice inherits the characteristics of the original species of rice that had been growing in the wild. Red rice contains red pigments (tannin) in its bran and contains more protein and various vitamins/minerals than modern white rice. Black rice contains purple-black pigments (anthocyanin) and is rich in protein, vitamins B1/B2, niacin, iron, calcium, and magnesium compared to modern white rice. The pigment anthocyanin is reported to have effects to protect blood vessels, prevent hardening of arteries/aging/cancer. Green rice contains a large amount of green chlorophyll. It is rich in zinc, magnesium, and fiber and is said to be effective in purifying the blood and stabilizing the mind.


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