Raito Inc.

Hinako Brown Rice Series:
39 Grain Brown Rice


This proprietary brown rice blend contains 39 assorted grains produced in Japan, including pearl barley, adlai, germinated brown rice, and wheat, which have been carefully selected and cooked. Assorted grains contain several times more vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants than white rice, providing plenty of nutritional value to everyday meals. Additionally, vitamins and minerals are essential when burning the three macronutrients and converting them into energy, allowing fat to be burned more easily. Flavor was considered as well, and after much research we were able to reduce the characteristic aroma of brown rice and produce a soft texture. As a pasteurized food with no additives, the rice can be heated up and eaten directly. The larger of the assorted grains have been ground down to the size of a rice grain, making them safe for children and seniors to eat. “Complete nutrition” means to take in all the nutrients which make up the human body in proportional balance. This 39 Grain Brown Rice made by blending grains and barley is the epitome of a complete nutrition food.


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