Yawataya Isogoro LTD.

0.2g Bags of Shichimi Togarashi for Export


We season our shichimi togarashi using our unique process of preparation that has not changed since the old days. Given that shichimi means "seven flavors," this condiment is a blend of the following 7 spices, as its name suggests. Ground red chili pepper serves as the base. Ginger provides spiciness and a refreshing aroma. Shiso enhances the natural flavor of the ingredients. Sansho, or Japanese pepper, has a spiciness and aroma that combine to produce a slight numbing sensation. We also add the dried peel of mature satsuma mandarin. The nutty flavor of sesame seed mellows the spiciness. The last ingredient is the highly fragrant peel of yuzu produced in Japan. We blend these spices using our secret ratio, resulting in shichimi togarashi that has a spicy kick that is complemented by the combination of aromas. In Japan, it is mainly sprinkled over noodles, stir-fried dishes, and soups. This condiment is Yawataya Isogoro's staple product that has continued to be loved since our founding.


Founded in 1736. Sells various types of shichimi and ichimi togarashi (ground red chili pepper), including "shichimi togarashi," the staple product since the company's founding, as well as many other types of condiments. In an attempt to ensure that the flavor of shichimi togarashi never changes, cultivates a portion of the ingredients in the company's own farms at the foot of Mount Iizuna in Nagano Prefecture, uses contract farming with farmers in the surrounding region, and processes the harvested products in the company's own factory. Also sells cosmetic products containing components derived from the ingredients of shichimi togarashi, as well as handmade confections made using the traditional ingredients and techniques of "shichimi togarashi."

Company Name
Yawataya Isogoro LTD.
Yutaka Muroga