Toyo Rice Corporation

Kinmemai Rice Flour
Pancake Mix


This pancake mix is made from 100% Kinmemai rice flour and contains no wheat flour. Kinmemai is rice that go through a special milling process that does not remove the aleurone layer which is packed with flavor and nutrients. Delicious and highly nutritious, it is also known as a rice that is lower in sugar content and calories. Pancakes made with our pancake mix that is made from Kinmemai flour has a uniquely chewy and moist texture. As it is gluten-free, it is safe for people with wheat allergy and perfect for the health-conscious. Toyo Rice, the manufacturer of this product, decided to enter the rice flour manufacturing business during the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Many of the athletes consciously chose “gluten-free” food, which led to the reaffirmation that many people in Japan also suffered from wheat and gluten allergy. This pancake mix was born out of the food manufacturer’s “passion” to provide rice flour products that allows people to enjoy their food with everyone regardless of allergies.


A rice manufacturer with the corporate slogan “Making People and Nature Healthier” that has developed rice products like Kinmemai and Kinmemai Low Cut Brown Rice that have novel value. They have succeeded in bringing out the true value of rice and developing rice products that benefit human health. By turning rice from “just a source of carbohydrate” to “food as medicine”, they are turning healthy lifestyle into a reality.

Company Name
Toyo Rice Corporation
Keiji Saika