Muroji Co., Ltd.

Naturally Brewed
Soy Sauce Powder


This powdered naturally brewed soy sauce can be sprinkled instantly on food instead of liquid soy sauce, salt, pepper or dressing. It can also be used as a secret ingredient or dashi seasoning. Naturally brewed soy sauce is a traditional seasoning that has been in use since the Edo period (17th Century). The ingredients used in this powder include whole soybeans, wheat, salt, rice and water from Fukui Prefecture and the naturally brewed soy sauce has been naturally fermented/aged for a year without the use of food additives. The proteins in soybeans and wheat were broken down into amino acids by the fermentation of koji and kobo bacteria, so it is rich in amino acids. It is a rare and valuable product that cannot be made in mass production. By powdering this naturally brewed soy sauce, the umami flavor is condensed and increased fivefold, and the salt amount becomes less than one hundredth. It is light and spill-free so it is convenient to take it on the go. It can be stored at room temperature for a long time, and a single bottle can be used about 200 times. The product is also Halal certified.


Muroji started its business of making malt, sake, miso, and soy sauce in 1573. In 1689, the fourth head of the family, Muroji Zizaemon, made a brewing facility specializing in soy sauce. Currently, the company continues to use a manufacturing method that does not use any food additives, and manufactures naturally brewed soy sauce that has been aged naturally for about a year.

Company Name
Muroji Co., Ltd.
Hirotsugu Shirasaki