Kyushu authentic
shiitake powder 40g


This is a coarsely-ground dried shiitake powder made from traditional log cultivation techniques. It is additive-free and can be used in small quantities in your usual recipes as an all-purpose stock that gives depth and a natural, subtle umami that can’t be found in synthetic flavorings. If you add one tablespoon of shiitake powder to a recipe for four, the dried shiitake’s “Guanylate” works to enhance the umami flavors of the ingredients. At the same time it also makes your food taste saltier, which means you can cut back on salt and naturally reduce your sodium intake. Because the powder is quite dry, some of the particles are extremely fine. This is a key point because not only does the fine powder start to act on the flavor immediately, but after about 10 minutes the coarse powder works to gradually bring out the umami flavors even more. You can also enjoy the aftertaste which comes from the umami particles that linger on the tongue. In addition, the producer uses infrared drying techniques, resulting in a finished product with less than 9% moisture. UV rays are also used to increase vitamin D content to 5,440IU(136mcg)/100g, the highest of all foods. One tablespoon of shiitake powder can provide an adult’s recommended daily value for vitamin D.


This is a wholesale company which specializes in dried shiitake and is located in the Takachihogo region of Kyushu in southwest Japan. Using sweet sap from oak logs, they grow shiitake mushrooms in Takachihogo with outdoor log cultivation techniques that are pesticide-free. In addition to dried shiitake for gifts, they manufacture and sell products such as dried shiitake powder and fancy curry made with plenty of Shiitake mushrooms.

Company Name
Kazuhide Sugimoto