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"Okara" is a secondary product that is separated out of soy milk in the process of making tofu, the traditional Japanese food product. Okara powder is made by taking this okara, which is normally discarded, drying it, and pulverizing it. Although okara powders generally have a particle size of about 150 mesh, this "OKARA POWDER PREMIUM" is 500 mesh, which is even finer. It stands out for being finer than flour. Roughly 60% of its composition is dietary fiber, while total sugars only account for 0.1%. Total sugars account for 70-80% of rice, potatoes, corn, and other staple foods that are eaten as part of gluten-free diets in particular. By replacing these foods with "OKARA POWDER PREMIUM," you can realize a gluten-free low-carb diet. Another benefit is that protein, which tends to be short in vegan diets, accounts for 20% of its composition. It can be sprinkled onto or mixed into smoothies, yogurt, ice cream, salad, soup, and other foods. It can also be used as a substitute for flour when cooking sole meuniere, soups, fried foods, stews, and sweets.


Founded in 2015. Conducts sales of “okara powder” and planning, development, proposal, and sales of products that utilize its characteristics. Continues to create food products that meet the preferences and needs of people who cannot eat foods or sweets made with flour due to allergic reactions, people who suffer from celiac disease, people who would like to limit their carbohydrate intake as much as possible because of diabetes, people who struggle with their intestinal environment, people who want to eat food that is good for their body, people who are dieting, and others.

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OKM Co., Ltd.
Miho Sakurai