Agri-Corporation Co., Ltd.

Organic Natural Sweet Potatoes


The Anno Imo is a variety of sweet potato known for its particularly strong sweetness. It is chewy and has a high water content, making it popular for its sticky texture when baked. It is produced by Agri-Corporation, an agricultural corporation located in the Goto Islands in western Kyushu. The Goto Islands are surrounded by the sea on all sides, and are known for their many mineral-rich red clay fields. Agri-Corporation has its own 35-hectare farm on these islands, where they grow Anno Imo using organic farming methods utilizing organic manure certified by the JAS, which certifies that food is produced by the power of nature, and uses no chemicals like pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The company also uses its own fertilizers, photosynthetic bacteria, and egg calcium in growing their Anno Imo potatoes. This is because they believe that creating and maintaining good soil is the key to agriculture. Anno Imo are good baked, in tempura, and put in stews. They are especially great in curry: try putting them in the pot just before it's done.


In 2011, the current president, who once worked at a tax office, began farming in his grandfather's hometown in the Goto Islands, with the hope of feeding his children safe and healthy food. They now use their own 35 hectare farm to grow Anno Imo and Murasaki sweet potatoes using organic fertilizers and pesticide-free farming methods.

Company Name
Agri-Corporation Co., Ltd.
Yoshitaka Sato