cotatsu, inc.

Organic Roasted
Brown Rice Powder


A Japanese gluten-free superfood made of a powder finely ground from organic roasted brown Japanese rice with a fragrant coffee-like aroma and deep mellow taste akin to that of chocolate. This powder made from organic roasted brown rice is ideal for flavoring baked treats such as cookies and muffins, soft serve ice cream and gelato, and smoothies and shakes. It is produced in Nagano prefecture in the central Chubu region of Japan in a small village called Nobushina which is blessed with the pure air and clean water of the mountains. This luxurious powder uses only organic Koshihikari, the highest quality variety of japonica rice, which has a strong sweetness to it. No gas or electricity is used for roasting, but rather a unique manufacturing method employing the heat generated inside a charcoal kiln during charcoal burning. The effect of the far-infrared rays generated allows heat to pass through each grain of brown rice evenly, creating a powerful roasted aroma.


A creative agency that handles everything from product planning to development and manufacturing to advertising. Our company’s brand Brown Rice Café plans, manufactures and sells roasted brown rice powder and roasted brown rice syrup mix using organic roasted brown ric

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cotatsu, inc.
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