O'will Corporation

Sweet Rice Malt Yuzu Ice Cream


Free of 28 allergens and sugar, this ice cream is made for people who are particular about foods. It uses plentiful sweet rice malt (amazake) created especially for this ice cream by Takashima Brewing, a sake brewery in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture. The ice cream avoids rice oil to achieve a refreshing finish, giving it the icy crispness of a sherbet. It is also made with yuzu citrus juice from Shizuoka Prefecture and features accents of yuzu peel. With the sweetness and tartness of yuzu drawn out by the sweetness of rice malt, this ice cream is sure to please everyone.


The main lines of our business are the import, export, and domestic sales of food and beverage ingredients, the manufacture and sale of ice cream, and the operation of convenience stores. We handle a wide range of more than 8,000 items—chiefly beverage and food-related raw materials—and take pride in our network comprising more than 1,000 business partners. We are a Multi-functional Trading Company—combining the meticulousness of a specialized trading company with the immense breadth of a general trading company.

Company Name
O'will Corporation
Hideki Oguchi