Kyoto Kitchen, Inc.

Matcha Dessert Powder


Made with Matcha from "Morihan", a prestigious tea store established in 1836 located in Uji, Kyoto, the center of tea production. Their Chief Procurement Officer is "Masaru Kikuoka", a two-time winner of the National Japanese Tea Contest and one of the greatest tea masters in Japan both in name and substance, while his successor is "Kyohei Miyoshi" (8th Dan Tea Master). By using high-quality tea leaves tasted and selected by the 2 tea masters, we successfully blended a rich dessert powder with full-bodied flavor and taste. You may enjoy it in various ways. For example, you can easily make a "Matcha Pudding" by adding water to it and stirring, transferring it to a cup, and leaving it in a fridge to cool. There's no need to add milk. Additionally, you can make a "Matcha Mousse" with fresh whipped cream, or sprinkle it on top of your meal or dessert to add flavor or color. This Matcha powder was proudly made by the tea house to add fun to your daily meals.


Founded in 2018. Creates products (food ingredients) using the know-how of providing ingredients to chefs which were developed over centuries in "Kyoto", the center of Japanese gastronomy, connections with a variety of ingredient manufacturers, and brains, to match the preferences of the American people. Our goal is to contribute to America's "Japanese cuisine" that continues to evolve with the generation change.

Company Name
Kyoto Kitchen,Inc