Yamamoto Seifun Co., Ltd.

Tanuki Oyaji’s Masterpiece Tonkotsu Ramen


These are dried ramen noodles made by a milling, noodle manufacturing, and processed food company with over 100 years of history since starting as a milling company in 1916. It is a tonkotsu-style ramen that tastes just like the real thing, despite being made without real pork. It stands out for its cloudy white soup that is rich and thick, making it nice and filling. It is easy to make, as you simply let the noodles simmer in boiling water for about 3 minutes while you break the noodles apart. Put the powdered soup in right at the end and give it a quick stir before moving it into a bowl or your preferred container and adding your favorite toppings to add the finishing touch. Please try and find the recipe that is just for you, as you can enjoy the ramen in a variety of different ways depending on the toppings that you add.


Founded in Toyohashi, Aichi in 1916. Headquarters and factory are currently located in neighboring Toyokawa. Food company that manufacturers wheat flour, dried noodles, and instant ramen in its own factory. In particular, “Ponpoko Ramen,” is a popular instant ramen brand that is popular in the Higashi-Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture, where the company is located, and has annual sales of 850,000 servings.

Company Name
Yamamotoseifun Co., Ltd.
Tadao Yamamoto