Yamadai Corporation

Vegan Tan Tan Noodles


Free of animal ingredients, chemical seasonings and alcohol. Many people, including vegans, can enjoy this cup noodle with a peace of mind. The noodles are not fried in oil, and customers can enjoy the natural color of wheat without the pigment from gardenia. The Tan Tan soup base is made using sesame seeds, with its richness in flavour coming from a combination of doubanjiang (Chinese chili bean sauce) and tianmianjiang (sweetened soy paste), and finishes with a mellow taste of Szechuan peppercorns. The development of this cup noodle was supervised by T’s Restaurant, which is a vegan restaurant, in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Known for not using any animal-derived soup stock on top of meat, eggs and dairy products, all their dishes such as dorias, cream pastas and hamburgers are carefully cooked using plant-derived ingredients such as soy milk and soy meat. People across different lifestyles should be able to enjoy this cup noodles exactly due to the fact that T’s Restaurant was involved in its development.


Yamadai Corporation is a food manufacturer that has been working to develop products based on unique concepts since its establishment. Their representative brands include ‘New Touch Cup Noodles’ and ‘Teori Dry Noodles’, which are popular as long-selling items. Since January 2014, their new management philosophy has been changed to ‘uphold a sincere attitude, create value, and contribute to society’.

Company Name
Yamadai Corporation
Keiichi Okubo