Hirahachi Co., Ltd.

Crawfish Salad


Crawfish is loved by many in France as écrevisse. It's also considered a luxury food since only a small portion of its tail can be peeled and eaten.

Savor your cravings with the crispy Crawfish Salad, filled with plenty of crawfish and roe and seasoned spicy mayonnaise. Casually enjoy its high-class flavor any time you want.

Manufactured by Iyoya Foods, a food manufacturing, processing, and wholesale company known inside and outside Japan as a delicacy manufacturer for Kappo cuisine for over 40 years since its establishment. The Crawfish Salad is particularly renowned as an ingredient in lobster rolls, especially in New York and Los Angeles.


Founded in January 1947 in Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka City. Hirahachi Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in Japanese prepared foods for professional use. Its business domain is banquet support. Offers a wide range of marine delicacies, hors d'oeuvre fish cakes, terrines, other agricultural and marine products, and processed products to cater to the needs of banquets and restaurants in inns and restaurants throughout Japan. Its mission is to "create Japanese food culture" and contribute to the progress and development of local communities.

Company Name
Kenichi Yagi